JKV Research offers qualitative and quantitative
research through:

Project Consultation ~ This step influences all the other steps of
the research project. JKV Research will help you sort through your
objectives and determine what is critical to make your business

Questionnaire Design ~ Based on you objectives, JKV Research
will develop questions that are unbiased and provide the
information necessary for your decision-making process.

Data Collection ~ There are many ways to collect data: mail,
telephone, face-to-face, Internet, and focus groups. It is important to
know the pros/cons associated with each method. JKV Research
will recommend the method that best meets your objectives and
questionnaire design needs.

Data Analysis ~ Once the data is collected, correct data analysis is
needed. JKV Research will provide data on a question-by-question
basis and provide more advanced analysis where appropriate.

Final Report ~ JKV Research will help you make sense of the
numbers in a reader-friendly report.

Presentation ~ A presentation to individuals of your choice is a
great way to increase the visibility of your project and increasing the
odds of actions.